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Cisco UCS Manager Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager (BETA Version


Cisco UCS Manager Plugin Beta Release for Oracle Enterprise Manager is available now for download!

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is a set of systems management tools provided by Oracle Corporation for managing the Oracle environment. It provides tools to monitor the Oracle environment and automate tasks (both one-time and repetitive in nature) to take database and application administration a step closer to "Lights Out" management.

Cisco’s UCSM plugin leverages the Enterprise Manager SDK (EMSDK) of the Oracle Enterprise Manager in order to integrate UCS domain management with Enterprise Manager. Cisco UCS Manager exposes its APIs via the UCS XML API an the UCSM plugin for OEM is developed on top of it. OEM administrator will be able to make use of the UCSM plugin in OEM to monitor the health, faults and summary information of components in the UCS Domains on a single pane of glass.

New Features in Beta Release

Supports following performance metrics collection

  • Chassis:
    • Input Power, Output Power in Summary.
    • Speed (RPM) in fans.
    • PSU performance parameters.
  • Server:
    • Motherboard stats exposed using performance link in the drop-down.
    • PSU performance parameters.
  • Fabric Interconnects:
    • Load average, Mem Available average, Mem Cached average included in Summary.
    • PSU performance parameters.
    • Inclusion of graphs.
  • Fabric Extenders:
    • Speed (RPM) in fans.
    • PSU performance parameters.
  • FI-IO Modules (For UCS Mini):
    • ASIC Temperature, Ambient Temperature, DIMM Temperature, Processor Temperature
  • FI Port:
    • Inclusion of graphs.
    • Each port name classifies its type as network, server etc. Example: ucs176-network-port-17-54:7F:EE:59:23:38.
  • FC Port:
    • Inclusion of graphs.
    • Each port name classifies its type as network, server etc. Example: ucs176-network-port-15-20:4F:54:7F:EE:59:23:40.
  • Service Profile:
    • Inclusion of graphs.

New Features in Beta Release

  • Included fault code, severity and last transition fields for the UCS Manager faults.
  • FI-IO Modules shown as separate subtarget.
  • High availability and VLAN details for fabric interconnects.
  • UI enhancements and defect fixes.

Please unzip the attached file and import the opar file into OEM. Refer to the release notes and user guide for more details.

For any queries/feedback on UCSM Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager, please add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communitie


Are there any plans to support OEM 13c?

Cisco Employee

David, We haven't seen much adoption for the plugin we developed for 12c. So currently there are no plans for OEM 13c. But if we get to hear from many customers, we might plan one.

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