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Cisco UCS PowerTool Core modules v3.0.2.4 for UCSM, IMC, UCS Central


Cisco UCS PowerTool Core suite is a set of PowerShell Core modules for Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco IMC and Cisco UCS Central, that helps in configuration and management of Cisco UCS domains and solutions.

Cisco UCS PowerTool Core modules are developed using .NET standard to support PowerTool across the platform (Linux, Windows, macOS Operating Systems and Docker Containers).

Current offering of Cisco UCS PowerTool Core modules provides support for these new firmwares :

  • Cisco UCS Manager 4.2(1e)
  • Cisco IMC 4.2(1a)
  • Cisco UCS Central 2.0(1o)

UCS PowerTool core modules support matrix.

Windows: PowerShell 5.1 and above

Linux: PowerShell 6.x and above


UCS PowerTool modules v3.0.2.4 are available on PowerShell gallery.


Cisco.UCS.Common :

Cisco.IMC :

Cisco.UCSManager :

Cisco.UcsCentral :


Above Module can be downloaded using the Install-Module cmdlet from the PowerShell gallery.


Install-Module -Name Cisco.IMC
Install-Module -Name Cisco.UCSManager
Install-Module -Name Cisco.UCSCentral

Release notes and Installation guide for the PowerTool core modules v3.0.2.4 is available here.

Release Notes:

Installation Configuration guide:


Note: From release onwards, UCS PowerTool core modules will be available only on PowerShell gallery.


External customers - For any queries/feedback on PowerTool, contact Cisco TAC or or add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities.


We are also on Slack - Slack requires registration, but the cisco-ucs-powertool channel on powershell team gives an open invitation to anyone to register here. Once you join the powershell slack team you can join cisco-ucs-powertool channel here.




Internal (Cisco) customers and employees - Contact us at for support questions and or for roadmap questions and feedback.

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