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PowerTool Overview, Integration with Windows 2012 DHCP / DNS / DHCP and SCVMM

Cisco Employee

Bare Metal Deployment of UCS Servers and Microsoft Windows 2012 with UCS PowerTool

At Microsoft Management Summit 2013, Eric Williams and Jason Shaw delivered a presentation providing an overview over Cisco UCS PowerTool, integration of Cisco UCS with Microsoft Windows 2012 DHCP, DNS, and WDS demonstrating Bare Metal Windows 2012 installation on Cisco UCS, and integration of Cisco UCS with Microsoft Windows Hyper-V 2012 and Microsoft System Center VIrtual Machine Manager 2012.  Below are the scripts from the examples that were demonstrated at MMS 2013.

If you would like to watch the entire MMS 2013 session, please follow this link, or watch the video below:

Video Link : 11207

Integration with Micrsoft Windows 2012 DHCP / DNS / Windows Deployment Solution and Cisco UCS

This example shows end to end deployment of Cisco UCS plus Windows 2012.  In the script and video, you will see a UCS Service Profile being created from a UCS Service Profile Template, associated with a blade, DHCP and DNS entries created based on the hardware attributes derived from the service profile created, and Windows Deployment Solutions Pre-staged device was created from the hardware attributes derived from the service profile created and the unattended installation files needed to drive the unattended Windows 2012 installation.  After the service profile is fully associated and DNS / DHCP / WDS configurations are created, the server is powered on and WDS will automate OS installation utilizing the UCS Drivers added to the WDS driver repository previously. 

The script can be downloaded directly here:

Integration with Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 and Cisco UCS

This examples shows end to end bare metal deployment of a set of service profiles defined in a specific organization of UCS Manager.  In the script and video, you will see a set of associated Service Profiles in a paricular organization on a UCS domain be provisioined as SCVMM Hyper-V hypervisors.  The script will syncronize any service profiles in the target organization in UCSM to SCVMM as VM Hosts, triggering a task sequence in SCVMM to bare metal provision the service profiles with Windows 2012 and Hyper-V.  The script ensure the configuration on the service profiles has the appropriate IPMI users and passwords defined to ensure SCVMM can communicate to the servers to start the task sequences needed to deploy Windows 2012 Hyper-V on the hosts.

The script can be downloaded directly here:

PowerTool / WDS / DHCP / SCVMM Integration Video (no audio):

Video Link : 11148

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