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UCS Manager Firmware Upgrade with UCS PowerTool


This script automates the upgrade of UCS Manager firmware (logging into CCO, downloading firmware bundles to a local working directory, uploading bundles to the target UCS System and walking through all steps of the upgrade, including creation/assignment of a new Host/Management Firmware Policy to all Service Profiles/Templates. Note: Should exit for any reason, you can run again and the script will figure out where it left off and continue with the next task in the upgrade If the script finds that the target firmware bundles are already located in the target local directory, the script will identify this and use these bundles, rather than downloading them from CCO (useful in an environment without internet access to CCO).

Change Log:

1.0 - Initial version

1.1 - Option to upgrade only the infrastructure bundle (-InfraOnly parameter)

1.2 - Script to use the auto-install functionality in UCS Manager for upgrading the firmware.

Script usage:-

.\UCSMFirmwareUpdate.ps1 -version <UCSM version> -ucs <UCSM IP> -imageDir <Image Directory> -hfp <all|default>

.\UCSMFirmwareUpdate.ps1 -version <UCSM version> -ucs <UCSM IP> -imageDir <Image Directory> -infraOnly

-version: Target UCS manager version.

-ucs: UCS Manager IP Address to be upgraded

-imageDir: Directory where images are placed or to be downloaded (all 3 bundles, A, B and C)

-hfp: all (for updating all hfp) or default (for updating default hfp). hfp stands for Host Firmware Pack.

-infraOnly: Upgrades Infrastructure only (Optional Parameter)

Example 1:

UCSMFirmwareUpdate.ps1 -ucs “xx.xx.xx.xx” -version "3.2(2b)" -imagedir “c:\work\images” -infraOnly

Example 2:

UCSMFirmwareUpdate.ps1 -ucs “xx.xx.xx.xx” -version "3.2(2b)" -imagedir “c:\work\images” -hfp all

Example 3:

UCSMFirmwareUpdate.ps1 -ucs “xx.xx.xx.xx” -version "3.2(2b)" -imagedir “c:\work\images” -hfp default

Community Member


Thanks so much for the update! I'll download the new script and test it out.



Community Member

Any updates or movement on this?

Cisco Employee


We have updated the UCSM firmware upgrade script. Now the script uses the auto-install functionality for upgrading the UCSM.

Please use the latest script and let us know if you need any more information.

Examples/Usages are provided above and in the script as well.


Vinay Ravish

C. H.


  The new script works, thank you for the assistance.



Is there a way to add "Prepare for Firmware Install" part of the Auto install?



Cisco Employee

Hello Ben/Chris/ Eric,


Hope everyone are doing good.


My customer is using Cisco UCS Manager Power Tool 2.5.1 version.

Trying to upload the UCS infra firmware but its failing. On the UCS Manager able to see the transfer is failing at 0%.

Able to connect to domain but unable to upload the firmware version.


I did the lab repro and its working on myside.


As customer is able to connect to domain using Connect-ucs <IPaddress> command but unable to upload the infra firmware file hence suspecting to be issue with Access/ Security / Firewall issue.


Customer wants to know the Protocol / Port number used to transfer the file so that can be checked on this Side.


I tried to get this information but unable to get one.


Please provide the information on the Protocol / Port number used by Cisco UCS powertool to upload the firmware file.


Thanks in advance.

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