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I have a small SDA Lab with DNAC version

I have a single Border/Control plane node that is connected to a Fusion router and out to the internet.  I cannot get out to the internet.

When I created the Border/control plane switch I don't recall having the option to designate the L3 hand-off type.  I think by default this makes it an Internal Border.  So I think I need it to be an Internal and External border.

I followed the instructions in the discussion here 

However, when I try to edit the Transit I created the option to tick "Default to all Virtual Networks" is greyed out and I can't select it.  See below.




Does anyone know how I change my existing L3 hand off to be the default route to unknown networks.


Thank you for any input, Stuart.

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Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I think your theory about being a default border is correct.  The gray out is expected behavior.  Try removing the device from the fabric and reprovisioning again with the check box marked this time.



Thanks for your reply.  I suspected this might be the case but that then begs the question why do I need to drop my border out of the fabric and re-provision to make what seems to be a minor alteration?


I've got some lisp changes I am going to try manually to see if I can make this change without re-provisioning but I don't know whether DNAC will then reflect these changes in the GUI.


I'm just testing at the moment but in a live environment I really want to be able to make changes without dropping devices out of the fabric.


Thanks for your input, Stuart.

That's a fair point Stuart. Please use the "make a wish" feature in the Cisco DNA Center to request this ability. It will get read by our Engineering team.


I rebuilt my lab fabric and designated the Border as the default for all VN's and as expected I can now exit the fabric and get to the internet.

Rather relying on "Make a wish" I think this is a pretty fundamental requirement that we can change the Border type without needing to re-provision the Border router.  This is akin to adding default-information originate in OSPF or advertising the default route in BGP.  A simple change with no impact.  I don't need to rebuild a router to achieve this in CLI.  I don't think it's a wish to have this in DNAC, it's an expectation.

Thanks for your input anyway.  It's always appreciated


Though I understand your point about this functionality being more of a requirement I also must agree that the “Make A Wish” is the way to go. I’ve made several dozen wishes over the year or so and Cisco does take these seriously. This is the fastest way to bring your suggestions to the Cisco Business Unit. It is a benefit to all of us when people put these ideas out there. 


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