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Cisco DNA Center - Place switches and routers on floorplan



We have the need to document where all our switches and routers are physical located. We already have all of our buildnings and floorplans in DNA Center and all of our accesspoints placed on the floorplans. 

We have requested the function to also place switchs and routers on the floorplan but have't got any respons.
I know that I can place the switch on the building and floor, but not on the map like an accesspoint.

Can anyone recommend a good tool do document this? Using PDFs and vision is no options since we have over 1k floorplans.

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in the version of DNA center I'm using it is not possible to place switches and routers on a floorplan!
some locations will become very crowded if all network devices stacked in a 42HE rack are placed on a floorplan !

is it an option to use a coordinate system on the floorplan? and in the SNMP location of the switch register register these coordinates?
there are many different grid coordinate systems, there must be one suitable for your needs
and each square can be devided in subsquares for more precision
-> simplest notation A1 or B5 etc  and A1c or A1d6 for more precision
e.g. QTH en GPS Locator |

Of coruse its not a good idea to place that many switches on a floorplan. Rack like this are normaly documented another way.

99% of our buildnings only have a few switches each. 

Would be good for us when a new technician needs to visit a building. 

if the switch indeed is placed in a equipment-room/rack, then you could ask the person responsible for the CAD files of the floorplan
to mark these locations.
if your switches are placed on a desk to extend the number of ports locally in a room then this is not a suitable option

Suggestion: you could use a fake "planned access point" to mark the location of a switch
give the access point the name of the switch and enable "planned and oprational" accesspoints in the view

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