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Cisco DNA virtual Domains

Waleed Moos



I was wondering moving from cisco prim infrastructure we had a cool setup with inter department access to prime. we created virtual domains as such and each department had their own space to manage there  equipment etc.


my Question is does DNA does this type of thing or is there some kind of solution around this feature? because the feel in the organization and the outside world is to gradually move from prime over to DNA right? but this would be a show stopper.

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Sure Prime will be fade soon or later from the list, DNAC will be the tool for the future.


DNAC has role-based access - but need to good how granular you looking to do.


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thanx for the response


so basically i would like to group a few devices and only have those engineers manage that group and not have access to manage another goups devices. hope im making some sense.

i do not see that option, even in one of the tech talks I have asked this, I heard that road map - not sure when?


I have another vendor who captured these features and implemented them (in FW, its good features) if this is tenant-based or department-based management.




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You can only define groupes based on functionality and not on site level.

You can create a group that are only allowed to look at assurance. But you are not able to create a group that can only look at assurance for site X.

Doug Byrd

I would like to bump this thread. 


We are in a similar situation to @Waleed Moos .  Due to regulatory requirements we need to effectively "hide" a group of devices so that only admins in a specific AD group can see.


Both Prime Infra and ACI APIC can provide this function.

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@Doug Byrd The best way to get your voice heard by product managers is to use the Make a Wish feature in the Cisco DNA GUI.  Even if the feature has already been requested, the more voices they hear, the better.

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