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Cisco DNAC not adding devices in ISE | Intermittent issue

Hello Experts,

DNAC version :

ISE version: patch 3

Devices are successfully LAN automating via the Border/CP Collocated nodes as the seed and peer devices.

Issue I am running with is some of the devices are not added as Network devices in ISE automatically by using pxgrid integration which is successfully working and 1 Edge node was added to ISE. And AAA server config is added to the devices but the devices that aren't getting added to ISE , when I do "show aaa servers" ISE is shown as DEAD but for the device that succesfully got added to ISE by DNAC has AAA server as UP. Makes sense since the radius shared secret is not available for the missing devices to authenticate with so it shows DEAD but why is DNAC not adding all devices in ISE inspite of having all things in place.


Anyone faced this intermittent issue anytime in any release of DNAC?

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Dan Rowe
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey Pranav,

Can you check the current status of your Cisco DNA Center & ISE integration?

If the integration is not currently up & active, we could experience the behavior you are seeing where Cisco DNA Center does not add the NAD entry for the network devices once the devices are assigned to their location.

The integration is ACTIVE and when I added another fresh new switch, it got added right after LAN automation. I suspect something wrong in the 2 switches or I also suspect is because I LAN automated and deleted the 2 switches too many times for testing, the entry of those devices would have been stuck in some DB in DNAC backend. Because in spite of removing those devices, factory resetting them and then LAN automating them , they get the exact same loopback IP and I tried this 3-4 times.

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