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Cisco SDA: L2 VN

Hello Folks,

I wanted to understand if the Layer 2 Virtual Network Feature is supported for general deployments of SDA since the L2VN tab in DNAC still says to consult Cisco before proceeding. I have a scenario where the gateway sits outside the fabric and only the Layer 2 of the VLAN has to be stretched inside the SDA fabric essentially allowing some special users of that VLAN to get access to the gateway.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Pranav. It's Generally Available (GA) for SD-Access wired endpoints starting with DNA Center Release 2.3.3.x in UI2.0 (toggle "Preview New SD-Access" to on). We've updated the workflow text to remove commentary about contacting a Cisco representative and that should be visible to you in the next 2.3.3.x update. GA for wireless endpoints is being worked on now, if you need an ETA please talk to your SE or AM. Best regards, Jerome

Thanks for the information. One additional thing to ask regarding the L2VN-> which option would be suitable in a situation where the external L3 switch has the SVI and I want to connect that switch to the Border Nodes of the Fabric. I cannot use L3 Handoff since I dont want any routing enabled and if I use L2 Handoff, it doesn't give the option to select L2VN that I can peer the external switch with. What construct I can use with respect to Borders that allows me to stretch the VLAN inside SDA using L2VN. (L3Handoff is out of the list and L2Handoff doesn't give the option for selecting L2VN). Any views on this?

Hi Pranav, it works in my lab. Are you clicking the correct link under L2HO? If it's not showing up there then please consider raising a TAC case.




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