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DNA Center - Disable Device Monitoring


Is it possible to temporarily disable monitoring on a device that may need to go offline due to a planned outage or maintenance? I'm new to this community, so in advance thank you for any replies and input. - JD

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VIP Alumni
AFAIK you should be able to go to Network Telemetry->Site View->Site->Select the NAD you wish to disable monitoring on->Actions->Disable Telemetry. Then once done re-enable as you wish. HTH!

Thanks for the suggestion. I did disable telemetry on the device that was taken offline for testing purposes. I was hoping it would suppress the device unreachable and wsa export failure email notifications but it didn't work.

Hi Mike, I don't see those options available in the current DNAC GUI ( here)


If you meant Design/Network Settings/Telemetry then there are no NADs visible in this view for me, only sites and the common collection settings. 


Hello dvnetops,


Did you find a solution to this...same boat.




Cisco DNA assumes that network devices it manages are supposed to be always on and reachable.  The only options you have today, that I can think of are (not ideal):


- Remove device from inventory

- Use the "Ignore" option on the Issues that arise when you shut down a network device


If you have a good use case for putting a device in some sort of "suspension" mode, please feel free to submit a Make a Wish from the Help menu (the question mark icon in the GUI).

"if you have a good use case"... 


This is such a basic missed feature for the real world.

This feature (called Maintenance Mode) will be coming in an upcoming release.  Not sure yet if it's the next one, coming very soon, or the following.

I can't wait for this feature.  Glad I found this thread, it was driving me crazy:)

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