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DNA Center notification if a port goes up/down



I am searching for an opportunity to get informed by dna center if a ports goes up or down. I only need notification for access ports. In the Event Catalog from DNA Center, I can’t find such an event. In the assurance tab I see syslog and snmp events if a port goes up or down. But for those events I can’t setup a notification via webhook, forward it to a syslog server or get those events over the api . Is this right or am I missing something?
If this is not possible, a conclusion would be to forward every syslog events received by dna center to another syslog server. Is there a possibility to configure this on dna center?

Kind regards,

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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @dominiks 


I found this Cisco Live presentation to be informative in regards to your question:


API's-enabled NOCs - Cisco DNA Center APIs and Event Notifications


Topics covered include:

  • Cisco DNA Center Event Notification Framework
  • Webhook Request and Response Exchange
  • Webhook Notifications Workflow
  • Subscribe to Events
  • Configure Cisco DNA Center Webhooks
  • Cisco DNA Center Webhook Sample Payload
  • REST APIs vs. Webhooks


I'm not sure this will get you all the way there but should give you a high-level overview of the process, with some integration examples at the end.



Amin Shahabuddin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @dominiks,


I'm just putting this out here for your reference.


Cisco is hosting live webinars called Ask-the-Experts (ATXs) session, where users can learn more on Cisco products. If you are interested in joining this (FREE) session for DNA Center, please check out the Cisco ATXs Resources to view the latest schedule for upcoming sessions, as well as useful references, e.g. online guides, FAQs.


Hope you find this useful. Cheers!


- Amin

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Dominic, 

Were you able to achieve the goal? if yes, what was the solution?

Thank you,


yes, but it is not really pretty. I use the syslog buffer of the switch to get all syslog events. Therefor i use the Command Runner. Then i scan the received syslog events for a LINKUPDOWN event and extract the interface and timestamp of this event.

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