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DNA Licensing confusion, Cisco 8300 Smart Licensing Using Policy


Hi All, 

We have ordered the C8300-1N1S-4T2X and T2 license has been installed & registered with Smart Account, using CSSM. However we need to bring the box offline without internet for our production environment. Below is our licenses activated.

C8300-Router #show lic usage
License Authorization:
Status: Not Applicable

network-essentials_250M (ESR_P_250M_E):
Description: network-essentials_250M
Count: 1
Version: 1.0
Status: IN USE
Export status: NOT RESTRICTED
Feature Name: network-essentials_250M
Feature Description: network-essentials_250M
Enforcement type: NOT ENFORCED
License type: Perpetual

dna-essentials_250M (DNA_P_250M_E):
Description: dna-essentials_250M
Count: 1
Version: 1.0
Status: IN USE
Export status: NOT RESTRICTED
Feature Name: dna-essentials_250M
Feature Description: dna-essentials_250M
Enforcement type: NOT ENFORCED
License type: Subscription

The only feature we are using in this box is EIGRP and IPSEC, and throughput 250Mb is needed. Can someone confirm that with perpetual Network Essential license we need not worry about DNA essential subscription being expired/turn to evaluation when it no longer connects to CSSM? 

We have opened TAC case with cisco, engineer  is slow to reply & every question asked needs to check (internally) to confirm, which seems that they are also not very familiar with the new licensing behavior & use case. 

My worry is, IF we will loose our 250MB throughput and falls back to 10MB if box no longer connects to the internet during production live.  If you can see that our license shows network-essentials_250M, i am assuming we are good with perpetual license.

Please can anyone confirm this. 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @J_Vansen_S,

I don't know if you had a proper response during all this time but just to let you know, once the subscription expires you will still have your 250 mbps which you previously purchased which is part of the perpetual Network Essential License.

What you lose is the ability to enroll this device into DNA Center or to use it with Cisco SD-WAN.


Orlando González.

Hi Orlando González,

In this scenario, initial required DNA-E with 250M subscription due to IPSEC traffic,  it that ok to using IPSEC with 250M if doesn't renew DNA after 3 Years?  under "network-essentials_250M Perpetual"






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