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DNAC Assurance and Cisco UCS Compatibility

Arne Bier

Hello DNA fans


I see in the DNA Center Compatibility Matrix that some UCS servers are supported. I assume this means the CIMC can be polled via SNMP?

Can I also send SNMP traps to DNAC and have it do something useful with it? Cisco tells our customers that DNAC is the all signing and dancing machine, but I wonder how far this can go - it's not a SIEM. What about CIMC Syslog events?


I have a Gen 1 appliance. So I tried that, and DNAC is timing out on the SNMP polling. When I tested the SNMP agent of CIMC with snmpwalk tool, it works fine. The v2 Community string is fine. The DNAC Compatibility Matrix says I need version 3.10 of UCS. What does that mean?  My DNAC CIMC has never been touched (C220M4.3.0.4a.) - and I saw another recent thread talking about updating CIMC of the DNAC and all the intricacies etc.


What is the latest safe CIMC version for a Gen1 DNAC Appliance? Do I need to update the CIMC to allow DNAC to discover this box?


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Arne Bier

Update: I applied the Host Update Utility for 4.1.2b on my DNAC appliance and told it to update everything. It took ages (+- 2 hours) but I can report 100% success. And DNAC still boots! Phew!


DNAC is finally able to run a discovery against the CIMC (using its own CIMC as a test). The discovery says 100% success for Status, ICMP, SNMP, CLI - but now what?


Where do I see CIMC "devices" in DNAC?


As for Assurance, I pulled a power supply on the UCS to cause an alarm and I don't see those in DNAC. 


What should I be expecting?


I have enabled CIMC SYSLOGs to be send to DNAC. But I have not enabled SNMP traps. I would think SYSLOGs are more informative? Do I need both?