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DNAC assurance issue after upgrade error


While i was trying to update the DNAC, I got the following error

$ maglev system_updater update_info
[administration] password for 'admin':
System update status:
Version successfully installed:
Updater State:
Currently processed version:
Details: ERROR: Downloading update package main-system-package: failed (Downloading systemUpdatePackage main-system-package: failed)
Progress: 16%

Then the assurance service became very slow and doesn't work most of the time so 
could I back to the old version so that I can use the assurance services????? 
Please advise


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Dan Rowe
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The upgrade appears to have failed early on while Cisco DNA Center was downloading the main-system-package for System version 1.3.1.X ( from the catalog server. Since the download failed, your appliance is still on Cisco DNA Center version 1.2.10 ( 


To answer your question, you cannot revert back to a previous version of Cisco DNA Center once you have successfully upgraded the DNA Center system. You can however take a backup prior to performing an upgrade and if you need to revert back then spin up a new instance of Cisco DNA Center on 1.2.10 then perform a restore using the backup you took.


One of the likely reasons why your Cisco DNA Center failed when attempting to upgrade to 1.3.1.x is because direct upgrades from 1.2.10 to 1.3.1.x are not supported. You must upgrade the system to 1.2.12 then upgrade to 1.3.1.x or 1.3.3.x. You can check out the upgrade guide from 1.2.10 to 1.3.1.x here:



I would suggest upgrading to as this is the current Cisco recommended release for Cisco DNA Center. Please open a Cisco TAC case so they can assist you with manually setting the catalog repository to point back to the 1.2.12 repository so that you can successfully upgrade to 1.2.12 then to


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