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Enable wlc without using DNAC on a sw 9300

Ciro G Mele

Hi, everyone

I understand that the WLC cannot be used without adding it to the dnac factory, the possible solution would be to install an independent wlc with its respective AP to provide wireless?
If you do not have a WLC, can you install only the AP to provide said service?

Thanks in advance.

Ciro Gustavo Mele.

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 - EWC based AP (embedded wireless controller) can provide wireless too for the AP being used as EWC , or if single AP you can have standalone mode for older models , (the latter not being preferred)


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Flavio Miranda
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Hi @Ciro G Mele 

 DNAC is not requirement. You can install and manage the eWLC on the 9300 just like you do with any WLC. And yes, you can use AP in standalone nome now a days call Mobility Express.

Hi Flavio,

So I can enable the wlc on the 9300 without the dnac..., do you have any link or information from cisco how to do it?

Thank you very much for your help.


Ciro Gustavo Mele.

Yes @Ciro G Mele  DNAC is not a requirement for anything. If you want to build Fabric then you need DNAC but otherwise, you dont need DNAC. 

You can take a look on this link.


Hi Flavio again,

That link informs me that it cannot be done without the dnac...

Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller software on the Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches must be provisioned and deployed on the switch using Cisco DNA Center, and it cannot be configured as a standalone controller.


Ciro Gustavo Mele.


Then  sorry for the wrong information I provided. Lucklly I put the link with the right information

 There was a virtual wlc on cisco switch,  way before DNAC, but as per this information it had change.

 Let me check this better and return to you but please stick with what is written on the doc shared.

Do not worry Flavio,nothing happens

What would be the solution, separately add a physical wlc with the APs to the switch and be able to provide Wi-Fi?

Otherwise, if I do not have an external wlc, can I connect the APs to the switch to provide this service to users?

Thanks a lot.

Ciro Gustavo Mele.

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