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NCOB02074: Connecting Timed out. Check the device connectivity with the server.

Hi everyone,


I get this error message: NCOB02074: Connecting Timed out. Check the device connectivity with the server when trying to enroll a WS-C2960X-24TS-L 15.2(2)E7 C2960X-UNIVERSALK9-M - cisco switch. 


Does anyone have any idea what could cause this problem? 

I also says: Device tried to contact the server and failed during certificate install

Its the exact certificate I use for 3560-cx and 2960-cx and 9300 and they works OK in the Cisco DNA Center.


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I have the same problem. Any Update?


Hi @fh 


The Cisco 2960-X is supported with DNA Center using features such as Assurance and PnP with a recommended IOS version of 15(2)7E6. Check the following compatibility matrix to confirm that your device and IOS version is listed as supported


If your device is listed as supported, one common cause of the certificate install failure is a TLS mismatch between the device and DNA Center. You can check the TLS version that is enabled on DNA Center using the following command


magctl service tls_version --tls-min-version show


Some devices only support TLS version 1.1 or 1.0 for PnP so you may need to drop the TLS version down using the following commands. We had this exact issue with the C3560-CX as we changed the TLS version to 1.2 as recommended in the DNA Center Security Best Practises Guide and had to drop down to version 1.1 to allow the C3560-CX to complete PnP onboarding.


magctl service tls_version --tls-min-version 1.0
magctl service tls_version --tls-min-version 1.1


You could also be hitting one of the following bugs


Hi @willwetherman 


thanks for your post. I think the TLS Verison is the problem. A few weeks ago I changed the TLS minimum version to 1.2 because of some customer policies.

I will go back to 1.0 and test again...


Thank you


It works! Thank you

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