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Setting a new RF Profile for specific sites?

Jason Salmans

Greetings all,

I created an RF profile to use with a site that consists of a building complex and used that profile during the PnP onboarding of the APs.

Now, I've decided that I need a more granular set of profiles to deal with a few differences in building layouts so I've created a new RF profile for some specific buildings in the complex.  What I can't seem to figure out now is how to assign that profile and link it to the specific site/floors or APs.  Currently, when I provision our 9800, that new profile doesn't show up.  Historically it seems like that happens when the configuration you've done isn't associated with a site that the WLC manages, however, I'm defining the RF profile at the global level.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?  I do see in the WLAN profile the ability to set an AP Group with an RF profile but that only seems applicable to AireOS.  For the 9800, I see that you can define Site tags but didn't see a way to associate a specific RF profile to it.

For testing, I created an RF setup on the WLC itself and applied it to a few APs.  This appears to have been overridden on the next provision from DNA that we did.


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Hi @Jason Salmans 


You need to apply custom RF profiles directly to the access points. For DNA Center 2.1.2.X browse to Provision -> Inventory and select the AP(s) that you want to apply the custom RF profile to. Select Actions -> Provision -> Provision Device. You will be prompted to select the RF profile under the 'Configuration' step.


The custom RF profile wont be applied to the 9800 WLC, and show in the config as you observed, until you apply the RF profile to at least one access point.


Hope that this helps


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