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Address pools not releasing in DNA Center 1.2.10

I am having issues with provisioning a Cisco ENCS into DNA Center due to something with the IP pools.   I am on my engineering development system, so I deleted the ENCS from the system, and tried to release the IP address pools to get everything going from scratch.    I am getting an error that says    "Error Failed to release IP pool: Cannot release pool LAN, DNAC still has ip addresses assigned from this pool.  "   I have attached a screenshot of what I am seeing.


I know the free count says 7 of 8, so there is an address somewhere that is in use, but I have no devices managed by the system right now.   Any thought on where to look, or what to do to fix this?    I have already bounced the server to see if that would fix it, but it did not work.




Cisco Employee

Hi Tim,


You can try a workarpund using API,


You can also involve cisco TAC for further support:

Enterprise and Service Provider Products. US/Canada 800-553-2447. Worldwide Phone Numbers.
Small Business Products. US/Canada 866-606-1866. Worldwide Phone Numbers.

VIP Advocate

Have you made sure that you do not have the IP pools assigned to any of your VNs? Go to Provision->Fabric (your fabric)->Host Onboarding->Virtual Networks and make sure you do not have the IP pool assigned there. Or you could check on your EBN/s to see if the IP is registered somewhere with #show lisp site. Good luck & HTH!
Cisco Employee

Hi Tim


Stale IP entries on postgres database are a common issue that is handled by TAC whenever a LAN automation pool is unable to be released, even if no device is used for that purpose. This can be triggered as result of an incorrect removal of devices that were once part of a Fabric.


I suggest you to open a TAC case, for a better troubleshooting experience, please download POSTMAN before reaching TAC support, to release an IP pool, it is usually needed to track some root, parent and subpool information via REST API, easily done via POSTMAN.