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Assurance > Application doesn't show anything

I'm using DNAC 1.3.1 do the assurance with WLC (3504 - OS version 8.8.125)+ AP (2800).  I configure WLC and AP with Flexconnect + Local switching mode, and under flexconnect group , it automatically enable AVC for all WLAN ssid. I check on WLC (Monitor > Application > Flexconnect Group >..) , it normally show all application usage. However when i check on DNAC (Assurance > Health > Application) , it doesn't show anything. However under Assurance > Health > Network and Client, it show correctly. Then i'm not sure what should be the cause of this problem. One thing that i can't configure is Netflow on DNAC. When i try to add Netflow on Site View (DNAC) for WLC, it show me "์Netflow profile only allowed on Router and having version 16.x and higher". Then i'm not sure WLC 3504 AEOS doesn't support for Assurance > Application or not?


Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee

Do you have the other routers/switches in the path of wireless traffic set to Maximal Visibility in the Network Telemetry? 

Due to we have test with the customer for only assurance then we add only WLC and APs into DNAC. Then on DNAC we don't have any devices else too.

Pavan Siripuram
Cisco Employee

You should probably have lan as in profile SSID name , it would usually "No wlanid found with profile name containing lan" if you don't have profile name with "Lan" included , Also starting 1.3.1 for WLC App visibility we use streaming telemetry to send the data to DNA Center , so Netflow is not needed and you shouldn't be seeing this error msgs , please open a TAC case if you are still seeing this.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Did you mean the "SSID Profile name" on WLC, i must name it with "lan" wording in the profile name right (such SSID: abc , profile name must be "abclan")?

Any luck getting this working?  To my knowledge, Pavan's "lan" suggestion applies to the interface description command on switches. That's how DNAC determines where to apply netflow to.  There are some show commands to run on the wlc to see if network assurance is up, but if you aren't seeing application data in assurance, I'd suggest just opening a TAC case as the fastest way to get it working.