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Automation with DNA Center



I want to intall DNA center ( Standalone Mode) and migration the current huge Infrastructure ( about 9 big site), Data center (HQ), and some sites reacheable via VPN link ( WAN).


So, i will only use the DNA  as a single point of configuration ( Only automation and not SDA-Architecture). 


My questions is : 


1/Will be possible to automate the configuration of the sites reached via WAN Link ( VPN SP)?



Cisco Employee

Re: Automation with DNA Center

This should work fine.  Just make sure you have:


- supported devices at the branch:


- 100ms max latency between Cisco DNA Center appliance and the managed device


- in your Cisco DNA site hierarchy (in the Design menu): sites/buildings created for each branch so that you can assign the managed devices to the right sites.


Re: Automation with DNA Center

Hi Chilcote ;

Thanks for your return. May be I did not express my problem correctly..

The customer wants to renovate his extended local network. Today it is composed of switches from different manufacturers. Our goal today is to use DNA to deploy the new network.


In the current network I have no fiber ports with 10 G. For this reason I will  use a Cisco Cat 9400 R7 Switch as the first equipment in my new infrastructure. My questions are:


1 - Can I manually configure the first device (Cat 9400 R7) and then integrate it into DNAC?


2 - For the automation of the LAN (Attachement), there are any special configurations for the interconnected ports (the Branch device and the  managed Device), to allow automation ?


3 – For the automation of the WAN Sites (Attachement), where the branch device is fully managed by the Service Provider with the following characteristics

     The Branch device   is used as Router ---à Cisco 892 ( 8 Interface – 1 G)

     One physical interface is sub-divised into 5 sub-interfaces  to handel our 5 local subnets.

     Each sub-interface (default-gateway) configured with IP-helper adress to our DHCP-server (D-C)  


The question is : Will I ask the Service provider to make some special configuration on the downlink port ( sub-devided into 5 sub interfaces) ? are there any required configuration on the downlink ports to allow the managed devices to be automated ?


I hope that I have well exposed my concerns. I am new with DNAC.


I apologize for my bed English.

Cisco Employee

Re: Automation with DNA Center

I don't think you mentioned Software Defined Access, so what level of automation are you referring to? In general, Cisco DNAC just needs IP connectivity and CLI/snmp credentials matching on the device and in DNA design tab. Also, the device needs to be supported (google DNA compatibility matrix, 800's are not listed)

If everything is supported, and you aren't implementing SDA, then DNA will provision the network settings in the Design tab (AAA, DNS, NTP, syslog), and any custom templates that you have created in template editor and applied to the site's network profile.


I also encourage you to sign up for some free Ask The Experts sessions to get a bit more familiar with DNAC:

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