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Basic questions about DNA Access

Hi Folks,

I've really read through some datasheets, guides, whitepapers etc now, but I still have some questions.

Do I understand correctly that the DNA Center can be used either via the on-prem variant, DNA Hardware Appliance, or via the cloud (i.e. via vManage?)?
When we purchase DNA-Ready devices how we will get access to the DNA Center? Do we need to purchase a separate license (subscription?) for vManage if we don't want the appliance?

EDIT: I just read that the vManage is automatically included with new router orders. But what about switching? So do I have to have a router with vManage to be able to manage switches cloud-based via the DNA Center?

What about the perpetual part of the DNA-Licenses, the Network part. Do we need initially to connect the hardware to a smart account to enable the perpetual network features on the hardware or does these features work out of the box without any connectivity to a smart account? For example, when DNA features don't matter or no Smart Account is available.


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Re: Basic questions about DNA Access

AFAIK the two, DNAC & vmanage, are used for two separate solutions. DNAC is fitted for software defined access which is used in a campus layout. For now DNAC would be an on-premise dedicated physical server/s that manage NADs in your fabric across a campus. Vmanage is fitted when wanting to run a software defined wan scenario/solution, and/or extend your locally significant SDA solution to remote sites. For SD-WAN there are several components that come into play. These are vmanage, vbond, vsmart, and your vedges. Think of vmanage/vsmart as your control plane module, your switch fabric module as your means of transport (mpls, inet, lte, etc.), and your i/o module as your vedges. I strongly encourage seeking Cisco training videos to get a deeper understanding. As for SDA licensing, each NAD requires some sort of subscription licensing depending on the SDA features desired. See: Good luck & HTH!

Re: Basic questions about DNA Access


Hi Mike,

you're completely right with "AFAIK the two, DNAC & vmanage, are used for two separate solutions.".

I have mixed two different products and architectures.


Another question about DNA Licensing for routing.

So far I have assumed that one DNA license per device is needed (-E, -A or -P), but as I can see from various guides, separate DNA licenses for SD-WAN and throughput still need to be ordered.

Is that correct?



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Re: Basic questions about DNA Access


Re: Basic questions about DNA Access

I know this FAQ but, unfortunately, it's still not clear for me.

Is it only one license (with different tiers and terms) for all functionalities (SD-WAN/WAN, DNA-Functionalities ) or not?

For example. I would like to order ISR4351 with DNA-Advantage ( 5-Years), 400 Mbps Bandwidth and SD-WAN capability, and SD-WAN (Console i.e. vManage etc.) for SD-WAN Management. Can I order this at once?

And what about the perpetual Network Advantage or Essentials Network Stack: are these features within the software-image, HW bound or will they be activated through the DNA-Subscription-License?

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