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Tarun Vyas

Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series Switch License

One of my customer having 4506 switch (HSRP) and it is EOS now so I am replacing it and looking 9407R with C9400-SUP-1XL sup engine (SWV).


We decided to purchase 2 number 9407R switch and plan to configure stackWise virtual (SWV).


For stackWise virtual configuration SVL Link and DAD Link connectivity what SFP module and cable (fiber/ethernet) should I use.


I have no Idea about this device, Can you tell me is there any specific license required for this device or specific service required specific license.


I got the cisco link but I am not at all understand this things, so please explain me on easy way. Please dont send me cisco link that I have tried already.


Is there any cisco support line where I can ask for product related things.




We've a pair of c9410's configured with SWV over half a km apart with 3 x 10Gb LR SFP+ modules in each with two as SVL and one as DAD link.

Both are DNA Advantage licensed

Do we need to purchase the license or it comes with inbuilt

I believe that the 9400's are no different to the 9300's from a purchasing perspective and at the point of order you need to buy the platform with either Network Essentials or Network Advantage along side with a license of at least 1 year of no less than the hardware licence level. So if you buy tin with Essentials you can buy a license to uplift to Advantage for the term of that license but you cannot buy an advantage system with an essentials license.


We bought all our 9400's as bundles at advantage level with DNA Advantage licensing as part of an EA. Looking through the spec sheet for the 9400's it very much looks like an Essentials level license will only allow basic L2 functionality with no other advanced features so I wouldn't imagine virtual stacking will be part of the Essentials license.


If you've access to a switch checkout show version to see what you've got 👍 or if you've access to the license portal it'll be detailed there too

Can I use 10Gb SR SFP+ modules. if my both of switch are nearby in same place.

You sure can, we've got a pair of 9410's approx half a km apart connect via 3 x 10Gb LR SFP+ modules, 2 x SVL and 1 x DAD.




Can't wait to tear them apart and reconfigure them as intermediate nodes for our SDA environment though.