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Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit - Topology / Setup

So i received the DNA Center Lab kit with the Appliance, ISE VM & 2-9300 Switches.. is there any topological documentation on how we should connect this?


The Docs i've seen strictly look like the DNA center appliance configuration.  But  i don't see how or what the recommended topology is for the head end build with getting the VMWare host connected & initial network built for DNA center.


We are building this as green field and separate of or production network for proof of concept.  I would likely need to use one or both of the 9300's for the access layer.  I have some 3750X & 3850's i could use for cores. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit - Topology / Setup



Based on experience with our lab kit, we created a topology with two access and two border switches. With two Catalyst 9300 I would consider using them as access switches and having Catalyst 3850 as core/border, each access switch connects to both border switches. Then you can choose to use a fusion router or firewall to connect out of your SDA fabric.

Your central components, DNA-C, ISE and WLC should be placed behind the fusion device, as this will emulate communication from datacenter (DNA-C, ISE, WLC) to the campus (Fabric devices, Cat9300, Cat9500, Cat3850).


CIsco SDA topo.png


First off you will have to configure the initial part of DNA-C with SSH and SNMP access information, IP subnets for fabric, management and so on. Then you add your seed device in the discovery process. This in our case the border switch - for this to work requires some manual configuration for SNMP and SSH access on the border switch for communication between the DNA-C/Border. When the border switch is added to the DNA-C you can start the discovery process where DNA-C should find all fabric devices in your lab. Hopefully ;)




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Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit - Topology / Setup



Please speak to your SE or AM, they should be able find some resources to help you get the lab up and running. If you've not setup an SDA lab before then it's probably a good idea to get some guidance from the experts.


Best regards, Jerome

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Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit - Topology / Setup

Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit - Topology / Setup


Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit -

Any one has the SKU  for DNA Starter Kits??

Kit 1- Switching and wireless

Kit 2 - Switching


So, that I could order it through Cisco commerce.


Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit -

Hi Faruqulislam
I too have the same doubt did you find any SKU for DNA Starter Kit? If yes please let me know.

Re: Cisco DNA Center Lab Kit -

SDA-W-LABKIT    DNA Center Appliance + ISE Virtual Appliance +2 x C9300 24-Port + 3yr C1 Advantage subscription

SDA-WW-LABKIT ---  DNA Center Appliance + ISE Virtual Appliance + WLC3504 Controller

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