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Cisco DNA Center - optional with Cat 9K?

Hi there,

It is my understanding that DNA Center is an option while deploying Cat 9Ks network and IOS XE CLI is still around and since I got the perpetual Advantage license with the switch it should not stop anytime when the 3 year forced DNA subscription finished. Please let me know if I am mistaken anywhere above as for the time being  I see no justifiable advantage on spending another ~$120K on a cluster of DNA Centers. I need these 9Ks only for regular campus network, which I was able to manage via CLI for all my life.




DNA Center is optional. Also I don't think Network Advantage license comes with DNA subscription. DNA subscription is different and comes in 3 flavors: DNA Essentials, DNA Advantage and DNA Premier

So I see you confirm essentially this is optional as my CLI is still there. And yeah, my advantage license does not contain DNA, but they force to buy it at least 3 year one with any 9K!

I don't think you're required to buy DNA term license. You just need to order the Cat9K switch using the right part number. For example, 


Cisco Catalyst 9500 40-port 10G switch, NW Adv. License


You need to have a conversation with your channel partner who would guide you.

Preston Chilcote
Cisco Employee

It's true, that we are all very comfortable with Cisco CLI, but DNA Center has some features you should at least watch some training about.


-Tired of logging into 10 different devices to track down a problem?  DNA Center will aggregate and analyze all the data across devices to tell you where the problem is.  Should cut troubleshooting time down by at least half in many cases. 


-How do you manage software consistency across your network devices?  Software Image Management built into DNA Center allows you to easily monitor and upgrade devices that are out of compliance.


-Need to deploy a batch of new switches?  DNA makes it easy to configure these with Plug and Play, using configuration templates, which make configuration errors far less likely.


After 15 years of experience, I felt the same way you did about the CLI, but I forced myself to research and get hands on with DNA Center.  I have been very impressed with how much easier it is to manage a network with these features.

Cisco Employee

Hi Ninja,


Good day . Kindly find the link where in you can find the details