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Cisco DNA Training

My company will be moving towards Cisco DNA in the future and they wanted me to do my homework as to what training I will need.


Could anyone recommend a company that does training or a specific course?



I've been looking up youtube videos and trying to understand what all the parts of Cisco DNA are in plain English. Can the community correct me on what the following:


It seems to break down into:

APIC-EM: Controller where the DNA software lives. Maybe you run automation scripts from here too


ISE: A security component. Lets you make profiles for people that they can log into and changed the access port information based on who they are ie vlans


NDP: the monitor part of DNA


Not 100% on DNA just looked at in passing

but have you seen this site? 

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@agalmethu35 wrote:


It seems to break down into:




That seems to be the problem with any training, APIC and NDP haven't existed in the user side of DNA for the past 2 years. Anything that references it is out of date, and lacking in what any team actually requires to deploy and manage the solution. So far I haven't been able to find a really good resource for training, apart from just reading the manuals and watching the Cisco Live breakout sessions. 

VIP Engager

Take a look at the following for DNAC/SDA resources:

SD-Access Resources - Cisco Community

Cisco EN Validated Design and Deployment Guides - Cisco Community

Cisco DNA Center Security Best Practices Guide - Cisco

Video: Routing & Switching | Lab Minutes

For ISE resources see the Network Access Control Community page as it has really good resources: Network Access Control - Cisco Community



In addition to the links that @Mike.Cifelli  posted, I have found that the free training on Cisco Digital Learning platform is very good.

Cisco Digital Learning - you may need to pay for it but - e.g I found the SD Access Fundamentals is free - 14 hours of video

Planning and Deploying SD-Access Fundamentals (For Customers) (CUST-SDA-FUND) v1.0




Cisco Employee

I know many still aren't aware, but Cisco has had a Customer Success organization for over 2 years now that will help you remove barriers in getting new technology setup.  It works very well for DNA.  It includes some webinars, called Ask-the-Experts, that you can sign up for on your own at the link below) and Accelerators which are one-on-one deep dive sessions customized for whichever DNA use cases are the most valuable to your business needs.  Think of it this way: someone who has deployed DNA before can teach you everything you need to know, including common pitfalls and best practices, so that you don't have to try to learn through trail and error, random blog posts, and youtube videos (though some of those are great!)


I encourage you to ask your account team to get you in touch with your CX representatives to take advantage (or DM me)!