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DNA Add-on license for 3k series

In our company, we would like to extend DNA funcionality to support also older 3k series switches.

To do that we have ordered DNA Add-on license for that kind of device, but here comes an issue.


After migrating license to Smart Account and connecting it with device, we have:

- valid add-on license for DNA (Essential/Advantage)

- missing license for 3k series (Ipservices, etc.).

And well, we have never register our older perpetual license to SA. How could we do that now?


There are two licenses for 3Ks, the IPServices license and the DNA license.  For 9Ks it’s DNA and Network Premier but for the 3Ks there is no Network Advantage/Premier license.


The DNA license should not affect your perpetual IPServices license. If you type “show license” what do you see?

When you want to enable DNA features on older switch, you have to buy "Add-on" license for it.

It's not migration from Ipservices to Dna Advantage but it's additional license just for new functionality.


In the end you will have 2 valid license for device:

1. perpetual ipservices

2. time limited DNA license.


But the question is how to move an old ipservice license, that is only on device, to SmartAccount (without PAC files or so~).

The IPServices license stays with the device. There is no need to move it to your Smart account. It is a permanent license that is installed on/in the physical device.

I hope this is helpful,


In case this is helpful, here's what it looks like in one of my devices:


switch#sh license usage
License Authorization:

(C3650-24 IP Base):
Count: 1
Version: 1.0
Export status: NOT RESTRICTED
Reservation status: NOT INSTALLED

C3650-DNA-A-24 (C3650-24 DNA Advantage):
Description: C3650-DNA-A
Count: 0
Status: NOT IN USE
Export status: NOT RESTRICTED
Feature Name: C3650-DNA-A-24
Feature Description: C3650-DNA-A
Reservation status: SPECIFIC INSTALLED
Total reserved count: 1




Yea it's okay, but the point is how have you figured it in your license manager?

Have you bought it as traditional licensing (PAK?) or via smart licensing in your SmartAccount?


We have provided an SSM Proxy that manage our licenses from SA. Device is connecting to it to register license, after we have established correct connection beetween Dev > SSM > Cisco~ the result in our SmartAccount is (as example to C3650):

* 1 in use C3650-DNA-A-24

* -1 missing Ipservices C3650


Not sure how to explain this well via the web. Best way I can say this is that, in humble opinion, Smart licensing still isn't that "smart." It is getting better but there are growing pains.


For 9Ks the Smart page is looking for the DNA and the NW (Network) licenses. Apparently when they designed these parameters in the Smart page they forgot about the 3K series. It's saying that you are missing the license because it's looking for the NW license which the 3Ks do not have.


Long story short, as long as your device has the IPServices license installed locally on your 3Ks you are fine. It is going to show as missing in the Smart account but everything is fine. Ours is the same as you describe and we've been fine for better than a year now.


Another place to check - in DNAC License Manager-->All License do you see them all registered? In DNAC the "Network License" for 3Ks should show as "Legacy".

Hopes this helps,



For this type of issue would recommend opening a case with licensing team at Cisco to resolve, as they can determine best course of action - as there should be options to resolve depending on environment.  The "System Management Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.x (Catalyst 3650 Switches)" section on Configuring Licensing also has some information that might apply to your situation.