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DNA-C (SaaS) licensing

Hi DNA-C Team!


Today I am reaching out to you in hopes of getting some information w.r.t. Cisco DNA-C (SaaS) licensing and options the customer has in NaaS/MSP deployments.  


I've searched & have been unable to find answers to the following:


Flexible payment options: 

  1. Customer wants to pay more flexibly on a Periodic month to month basis
  2. Customer wants to pay more flexibly on an Aperiodic basis
  3. Customer wants flexible start dates for its periodic payments (e.g., 25th of every month or 1st of every month)


Renewals and License upgrade/downgrade:

  1. Can Customer add more month to the existing license before the renewal window, without buying additional license?
  2. How early can customer renew? Is renewal issuing new license key or extending the existing license period?
  3. Customers wants to do upgrade to a higher tier license mid-way through the cycle. Can they do that?
  4. Customers want to do downgrade to a lower tier license mid-way through the cycle. Can they do that?
  5. Customers want auto renewal. Can they do that?


Custom licenses:

  1. Deploy a variable qty of licenses over time on an undetermined schedule. Deploy extra licenses at will; Pay for extra licenses when they are deployed


Evaluation licenses:

  1. Customer wants simpler ways of getting enabling and trying out evaluation licenses.
  2. Partners want to enable evaluation licenses at the road discretion for testing purposes.


Any feedback on the above questions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!