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DNA Center and WOL

Hello everybody,


we're currently looking forward to implement WoL in parts of our SD-Access Fabric. Currently there is no option to enable WoL in some networks but in Authentication Templates (Closed Authentication, Easy Connect, Open Authentication).
Can someone explain which parts of configuration is added to the above templates, since this is going to be deployed fabric wide, which is not our intent? I'm not able to find any documentation.


Thank you,


Cisco Employee

First of all i would like to ask what is WOL, I assume its Wake of LAN, that is the only term associated with SDA, Please do highlight full form, so you will get more appropriate asnwers. Now coming back to my answer.

Wake-on-LAN should work if server connected locally to fabric edge. 

If Fabric Border doubles up as L2 Border, then Loopback with anycast gateway is replaced with the VLAN interface of the legacy world.

There is no specific documentation to it as of now as this is part of migration activity of your existing network to SDA, We will hear more about this in next qtr or so.


Hello Farhan Mohamed,


sorry for the confusion, i was indeed discussing Wake-on-Lan.


In our current setup, our Fabric has two L3 Control-Plane/Border-Routers and multiple Edge-Devices. On these Edge-Devices we have some Pool-PCs which are connected in the same Host-Pool.

Management and Wake-On-Lan-Server is hosted in our Datacenter which is outside fabric.


Up to now we used "ip-helper-adresses" and "ip directed broadcast"-feature with an ACL. But i guess this feature is not usable with dna-configuration.


Are there any plans to support such a scenario?


I haven't used this service first hand but SDA does not effect any network application services, you should still be able to add these commands manually and test. Let us know.

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Thanks for your post, but regarding network application services your statement is not completely true.

Since Wake-on-LAN is a directed Layer 2 Broadcast to clients in a Subnet and the Network Topology is Layer 3 down to Edge Level with Anycast-Gateways you will not be able to communicate with all clients in the subnet.


We tested a manual configuration with following results:

Clients reside in one Subnet on Edge1 and Edge2, configured with an Anycast-Gateway. WoL-Server is connected to Edge1. By issueing an directed Broadcast to the clients, the WOL-Package is routed to Clients-VLAN on Edge1. These clients are able to receive the broadcast, because these clients reside in the same VLAN domain. In order to reach clients on Edge2 the directed broadcast has to be routed to Edge2 and sent on the according VLAN-Interface, which does not happen (Feature-Limitation of LISP/VXLAN).


Probiert mal das Layer 2 Flooding für den jeweiligen IP Pool im entsprechenden VM zu aktivieren.

Please try to activate the Layer 2 Flooding for the corresponding IP Pool inside the VN.