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DNA Center boot failed

Dear all

We try to install a new DNA Center

When we boot the server

It says that missing or unsupported RAID controller memory detected

as the picture I captured

螢幕快照 2019-03-06 下午5.23.05.png


But when I login the CIMC to check RAID CARD and virtual drive

It seems good

螢幕快照 2019-03-06 下午5.23.34.png螢幕快照 2019-03-06 下午5.23.54.png

If I forced the server to boot

I found that there is no virtual drive in bios

螢幕快照 2019-03-06 下午5.30.36.png

And I can't get in Maglev Configuration Wizard but comes to cisco shell

螢幕快照 2019-03-06 下午5.31.00.png


Is this the hardware failure?

Or I miss some step to initial the server

Thanks for answer

Cisco Employee

The DNAC I installed for a customer was running on a UCS C220 M5.

I didn't have a problem with the RAID controller, but I got to that Shell> prompt after a failed Wizard installation and a subsequent attempt to map virtual media.

I called TAC, explained them exactly what I had done and I even gave them access, but they didn't know what to look for, they didn't even want to spend time at it.

They just had me boot from a pendrive with a new DNAC 1.2.10 .iso file that they specifically published for me.

This time the wizard completed successfully.


The funny part is that right now I'm on that **bleep** prompt again and can't do anything about it because the server is already installed at the customer's DC. We ended up here because we executed the '$ sudo maglev-config update' and tried to change not only the mgmt interface's IP address, but also the enterprise/cluster interface's IP address, which ended up failing because apparently the latter is NOT allowed.

I think I'll have to open a new TAC case to have them publish the .iso again...


If there was some kind of documentation about this Shell> prompt, maybe I could try booting, but I can't even see all the available commands because when I type 'help', half of them scroll up too quickly at the console.

Is somebody aware of such documentation or is Cisco also too private about it and keeping it to themselves?


Hello Alfonso,

You are seeing the server UEFI shell prompt. DNA Centre software is failing to load and you are being dropped into the UEFI shell. There is no document to troubleshoot UEFI shell on DNA Centre appliance because you should *never* see the UEFI shell prompt on a DNA Centre. Only TAC will have the level of knowledge required to solve this. As part of the TAC troubleshooting process you could ask the TAC engineer to provide you with some tests to prove UEFI shell won't happen again e.g. after you load from pen drive again, then reload the DNA Centre appliance and make sure the software boots correctly.



Thank you Jerome.


Cisco Employee

This is likely indicative of HW failure. Please open a TAC case with the UCS support bundle. You can collect the bundle following the guide provided here.


Cisco Employee

Hi .


Please open a TAC case with the problem you are facing and you can help with the screenshots and they can help you out





Try typing exit at the prompt.