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DNA Center Scaling

Looking at DNAC data sheet appliance scale table. It shows the 44 core DNAC (DN2-HW-APL) can support 1000 switches/routers/wireless controllers and 4000 APs. Is that AT THE SAME TIME? Plan to deploy 3 DNACs for a campus SDA environment. Customer has 1 DNAC DN2-HW-APL already and it would be nice to just have them purchase just 2 more to move to a full SDA campus.


Leo Laohoo
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No one buys DNAC appliance if everyone gets them for FREE.  

Free Cisco DNA Center Appliance with Qualifying Subscription Purchase

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Flavio Miranda


Yes, that means at the same time.  If you were using Cisco UCS C480 M5, the capacity is a lot more.  With 3 boxes you can create a Cluster and benefit of redundancy.

Parthiv Shah
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Scale of 1000 switch/router/WLC and 4000 AP is supported but at the same time you need to consider that none of the other parameters exceeding. For example: with 4000 AP, you cannot have mother than 200000 wireless clients or you cannot have more than 1000 stack switches with all average 6 member in each stack which can results in ~60000 ports v/s supported port count. Deployment cannot exceed even single other parameters as well.


yes, that's right; you can use 1000 switches/routers/wireless controllers and 4000 APs AT THE SAME TIME.

pay attention that none of the parameters exceed, as Parthiv said in the above answer.

also for clustering

To enable HA in your production environment, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your cluster consists of three Cisco DNA Center appliances with the same number of cores. This means that your cluster can consist of both the first-generation 44 core appliance (Cisco part number DN1-HW-APL) and the second-generation 44 core appliance (Cisco part numbers DN2-HW-APL and DN2-HW-APL-U).

  • Your secondary appliances are running the same version of Cisco DNA Center (1.2.8 or later) as the primary appliance.

  • Multinode cluster deployments require all of the member nodes to be in the same network and at the same site. The Cisco DNA Center appliance does not support the distribution of nodes across multiple networks or sites.

you can see some information in the following link:
Cisco DNA Center High Availability Guide, Release 2.1.2

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