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DNA Event Webhook to Microsoft Teams

Has anyone been able to get a webhook for an event to successfully post to Microsoft Teams? I have a channel and teams then I am the group owner for. I have installed the team's webhook app on the channel. I have been able to post data to that Channel via postman, with the same code. when I copy the same body into DNA All I get is a bad request. I am not a DEV so I could be missing something easy but I don't know where in DNA to look at the log to see what is happing.




    "@context": "",
    "@type": "MessageCard",
    "themeColor": "0076D7",
    "title": "$eventSource$",
    "summary": "DNA Alert",
    "Alert Infomation": [
            "Type": "$eventSource$",
            "Assurance Issue Details": "The network is experiencing a high percentage of onboarding failures compared to usual. Clients are experiencing multiple onboarding failures while connecting to SSID $ssid$.",
            "Assurance Issue Priority": "$priority$",
            "Assurance Issue Name": "Excessive failures to connect - At least $pctDeviation$% increase in failures on $ssid$ in $siteHierarchy$.",
            "Assurance Issue Category": "$category$",
            "Assurance Issue Status": "$status$"


Cisco Employee


Hi @itnetworking,

I think this guide might be helpful:

Quick Start Guide on What Logs to Collect from Cisco DNA Center

I'm not sure the audit logs will give you enough details about what's going wrong, but here is what they will tell you, along with how to access them:

Audit Log Support for Cisco DNA Center Platform

Audit log support for the Cisco DNA Center platform. New Cisco DNA Center platform audit logs capture the following critical activities:

  • User actions to configure, enable, and disable any of the Cisco DNA Center platform bundles.

  • User actions to view, edit, duplicate, delete, download, and run any reports in Cisco DNA Center.

  • User actions to subscribe to any of the events or notifications.

  • User actions to create, update, and change any preference for an instance.

  • User actions to invoke both successful and unsuccessful API methods (POST / PUT/ GET / DELETE).

The following data is captured in the audit logs:

  • User Role: SUPER-ADMIN-ROLE, NETWORK-ADMIN-ROLE, OBSERVER-ROLE, or user-created role.

  • Who took the action: Captured data includes user group, username, and user role (could be same as user-group).

  • When action occurred: Time that modification was made (UTC time).

  • What type of action occurred: An abstract or high level view of the action performed and if the action was successful or failed.

To access the audit logs using the Cisco DNA Center GUI, click the Menu icon (alexstev_0-1615301709958.jpeg) > Activity > Audit Logs.


Microsoft teams expects to post with authentication, i tired with the same and still unsuccessful, please let me know if there is way to go..


I post the following with Postman and it works, no auth.

	"@type": "MessageCard",
	"@context": "",
	"themeColor": "0076D7",
	"summary": "DNA",
	"title": "DNA Alert",
	"sections": [{

		"facts": [{
			"name": "Service Incident:",
			"value": "ID"

I tried both content types, Json and text all I get back from DNA is a bad request but every other way I test this it works. 

I might try a chat with Devnet.  

Did you get this to work? I am trying the same thing and getting the same failures.

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