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Hello, can someone give me the procedure to point devices in DNAC to Cisco Smart Software Manager on prem smart licensing server?




Mohamed Alhenawy
Rising star
Rising star

Hello @NETAD 

Hopefully, you are doing well!

Please Find this Procedure as per DNA guide

Set Up License Manager

You must set up access to your Cisco Smart Account before you can use the Cisco DNA Center License Manager tools.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have SUPER-ADMIN-ROLE permissions and the appropriate RBAC scope to perform this procedure.

  • Collect the Cisco user ID and password for your Smart Account.

  • If you have one or more Smart Accounts: Select the Smart Account that you want to use with Cisco DNA Center, and collect that account's user ID and password.

  • To enable a Smart Account, Cisco DNA Center must have reachability to

  • To apply licenses to a device in Cisco DNA Center, the device must be present in Inventory, must have a site assigned to it, and must have reachability to

Step 1

Log in using a Cisco DNA Center system administrator username and password.

Step 2

Choose  > System Settings > Settings > Cisco Credentials.

Step 3

Under Credentials, enter the username and password for your Smart Account.

Step 4

To access your Smart Account using a virtual or subordinate Smart Account name and password, under Link Your Smart Account, choose:

  • Use user ID if your and Smart Account credentials are the same.

  • Use different credentials if your and Smart Account credentials are different, and then enter your Smart Account credentials.

Step 5

Click View all virtual accounts to view all virtual Smart License Accounts.

Step 6

Click Apply.

Hi Mohamed, is this procedure for if you have an on prem satellite server? Do we still need to configure the switches via a template? 



for instance: 


on prem ssm configuration:
configure terminal
profile name <>
destination transport-method http
destination address http url <>

load license
configure terminal
license boot level license_level
write memory
show version
configure terminal
show version


and what about the token piece? Do we generate one and apply it somewhere in DNAC? 

Andrew Woolman

Hope you worked this out. You need to go into the API module on the On-Prem licencing server and Create Client Credentials which generates the ClientID and Client Secret that you need to enter into DNA Under SSM Connection Mode, On Prem-CSSM .

This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

Arne Bier
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Thanks @Andrew Woolman 


I don't understand why every Cisco product has such a widely differing approach to how Smart Licensing is configured. It's utterly astounding. DNAC is just the most (unnecessarily) complicated piece of equipment I have had to deal with. Makes something simple like registering licenses with SSM very hard. Why can't DNAC just talk to the SSM and have some trusted comms channel to exchange data (perhaps using Cisco signed CA) to talk Cisco-Cisco ? The only creds we should provide is perhaps a username and a login. But asking the user to setup the API stuff is one step too far.

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