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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


DNAC - App Experience Feedback

I wanted to see if anyone has enabled the App Experience feature in DNA Center? What kind of visibility do you have? I have a SDA fabric deployed in a campus environment and would like to gather further insight into popular application performance (O365, Dropbox, etc.) within the fabric, but I don't want to enable a beta feature in a prod environment.


Please provide your feedback! Thanks!

Cisco Employee

Re: DNAC - App Experience Feedback

Application Health dashboard, will help with general overview of the health of all applications on the network. Includes a special section on applications that have been tagged as business relevant. Business-relevant application issues are highlighted, with suggested remediation for any anomalies.


I have experience of enabling, App Experience, what you get is :-

-It tracks performance of predefined “critical business applications.” Shows user experience and performance metrics.

-Provides specialized rapid troubleshooting per application and per client.

-Provides unparalleled visibility and performance control over the applications that are critical to your core business, on a per-user basis.

-Allows users the performance they need on the applications key to their company role.


App Experience is based on data of netflow records exported by routers.Hope this helps.


Re: DNAC - App Experience Feedback

As Farhan said, theres quite a bit of information to be had, but a compatible router is required with netflow telemetry enabled
Cisco Employee

Re: DNAC - App Experience Feedback

Use a ASR/ISR router with 16.6.x and above. Also add a description "lan" to the interface from which you want to export netflow. On DNAC select Maximum Telemetry for the router and netflow config with performance monitor context will be Automated . 


DNAC will then visualize stats such as Delay, jitter, packet loss . From 1.3, these stats are available for both TCP apps as well as media apps. In addition URLs are shown as well.

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