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DNAC - Can't changes gateway/route configuration permantly




We used the initial maglev setup to configure our DNAC interfaces.


We are using both, management and enterprise interface.


It is the basic configuration : => DG on management port


We wanted to change the default GW or add new routes to use entreprise port.


We tried to add route IP configuration on our DNAC by using the KVM interface.

We succesfully add route on the configuration but this change is not permanent.

We use linux command to change the route manually.


We tried to change the default GW. We launch maglev setup on KVM but that doesn't work because the NTP and DNS ip were the same. Then the setup fails.


So we looking for an an other way to solve the problem. Add permanent route or changes default GW. => DG



There is nothing in the /etc/network/interfaces.

Juste the basic conf (Enclosed)


Is there any means to make this configuration persistant ?

Is this configuration handled by linux (Via /etc/network/interfaces) or via an other file ?







Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You are running into a known issue and the fix is coming in Cisco DNA Center Release


  • CSCvz08578 - Cisco DNA Center - Maglev config wizard complains about conflict with DNS address
  • CSCvz44695 - Maglev configuration wizard - DNS address conflicts with the configured NTP server

There is no workaround at this time for using the same IP Address for your NTP & DNS configuration elements.


You want to make sure to use the "maglev-config update" utility only to make configuration changes. Making changes using linux tools is not officially supported.


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