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DNAC LAN Automation failure

LAN automation happens partially, Border (Seed) get an IP on vlan 1, Edge gets an IP address but ISIS is not getting configured.


both switches are 9300 with version Version 16.6.4

DNAC is stuck on initialize under LAN Automation status.

--- System Configuration Dialog ---

Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:

Press RETURN to get started!

*Nov 11 22:16:01.403: %PNP-6-PROFILE_CONFIG: PnP Discovery profile pnp-zero-touch configured
*Nov 11 22:16:02.023: %SSH-5-ENABLED: SSH 1.99 has been enabled
*Nov 11 22:16:02.055: %PKI-4-NOCONFIGAUTOSAVE: Configuration was modified. Issue "write memory" to save new IOS PKI configuration
*Nov 11 22:16:03.404: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface GigabitEthernet0/0, changed state to administratively down
*Nov 11 22:16:16.000: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock has been updated from 22:16:15 UTC Sun Nov 11 2018 to 22:16:16 UTC Sun Nov 11 2018, configured from console by vty0.
Nov 11 22:16:16.566: %PNP-6-PNP_DISCOVERY_DONE: PnP Discovery done successfully
Nov 11 22:16:19.959: %PKI-4-NOCONFIGAUTOSAVE: Configuration was modified. Issue "write memory" to save new IOS PKI configuration
Nov 11 22:16:23.352: %AN-6-AN_ABORTED_BY_CONSOLE_INPUT: Autonomic disabled due to User intervention on console. configure 'autonomic' to enable it.
%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)
Nov 11 22:16:38.255: AUTOINSTALL: Tftp script execution not successful for Vl1.






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Cisco Employee

Kindly state which version of DNAC you are using, Request you to please upgrade to a version higher than 16.8.4. We have been experience bug for the current version and is expected to be resolved with next release of DNAC. You can try to upgrade the OS version to latest for 9300.
Description (partial)- Bug

Symptom: DNA-C/LAN automation/SWIM/cat9300 stack - stuck in progress Conditions: The above symptoms is observed when cat9300 is running 16.8.1 throttle image

Thank you, after multiple trial it worked eventually but there it is broken somewhere for sure, my DNAC version is enclosed.

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