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    Hierarchy and Map Import from PI 3.7 to DNA

    The import procedure from Cisco at worked perfectly except for one thing.  When the maps came in they did not have the floor dimensions, even though they are there in Prime Infrastructure.  When I imported the maps I included all calibration data.  My maps have Dimension data but no Position data.  Is this why the floors show up with nothing in DNA Center?  This import used to be pretty bad, so I was relieved that it works better now but why would it leave that data out?

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    Re: Hierarchy and Map Import from PI 3.7 to DNA

    The docs say explicitly that floor dimensions are exported, so I think you'll need to open a TAC case to see if there's a known bug for this.

    step 5:
    "Next, export maps from Cisco Prime Infrastructure. This downloads map information such as floor dimension and calibration information like RF attenuation model that has been applied to each floor in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. "

    If you're feeling brave, you might be able to peak into the file itself to see if the dimension data is there. I think it's contained in a CSV file.
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