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Prime to DNA Center maps - Is there any easy way of doing this ?

So it had to come up for me eventually.

The customer has all his building maps (with APs) in Prime, and has already setup a nice Hierarchy (with Buildings) in DNA-C.

There does not seem to be a nice way of exporting maps from Prime, and  importing it to the DNA-C.


If I just select one Building to export (in Prime), then try to Import on DNA-C, it will show an error with : "  Map import failed. Archive does not match any of the site hierarchy ". Ok then....


If I then rename the DNA-C building to the same name as on the Prime, it gives a similar error, but this time it tells me that the Building in DNA-C does not have any floors.


Do we REALLY have to delete the entire newly created hierarchy in DNA-C, and then import the one from Prime, and then the buildings / maps ?


Why cant we just tell DNA-C, manually, doing the import of maps from Prime, that this imported map and floors should be used for "this" building in DNA-C - and then the DNA-C would "Just" create the floors and import the maps.


Because right now, **bleep**, it will take a long time to import everything no-matter what it seems.

And a lot of manual work, before or after.


Any suggestions ?




And apparently one of our Danish Cisco reps. covers this as well in : BRKNMS-2573 from Cisco Live. :-)

Must call Søren :-)


Farhan Mohamed
Cisco Employee

As of now the only way is to import the maps from Desgin section using Import option.

Now integration is also possible officially in couple of links, you can now integrate Cisco Prime Infrastructure with Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center (DNA Center) and utilize the intent-based networking solution for managing application user experience in the enterprise.


DNA Center supports the expression of intent for multiple use cases, including base automation capabilities, fabric provisioning, and policy-based segmentation in the enterprise network.

You can migrate devices, location groups, associated site maps and cmx data from Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center and manage your enterprise network over a centralized dashboard.

Steps are as listed below:-

Step 1

You can access the Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center migration by logging in to Prime Infrastructure, selecting Administration > Settings > System Settings > General > DNA Center coexistence, and then click Launch DNA Center coexistence to open Prime Infrastructure - DNA Center Coexistence page.

Step 2

Click Add DNA Center Server.

Step 3

Enter the following DNA Center server details:

You can integrate only one DNA Center server at a time.
  1. Server IP Address or HostName.

  2. Username.

  3. Password

  4. Confirm Password

Step 4

Click Save, to check server reachability.

Step 5

Click Next to go to Sync Settings.

Step 6

In the Sync Settings window:

  1. You can check for the Supported / Available Limits of DNA Center server for the Site Groups/ Site Maps and Devices

  2. You can select the checkboxes to enable automatic data synchronization integrated with DNA Center and also to include newly added data during dynamic synchronization.

Step 7

Click Next to go to Select Groups page.

Step 8

In the Select Groups window:

  1. Select the location groups from Prime Infrastructure Selector pane. Upon selecting location groups, by default the buildings, floors and associated maps also get selected.

    Before adding Prime Infrastructure location groups to DNA Center, you can check the limitation status bar for the available devices and site groups of DNA Center.

    The Prime Infrastructure groups selector pane lists all the PI groups irrespective of any virtual domain

    • Any legacy device which are not supported by DNA Center chosen for migration will be added to DNA Center inventory under Device Type column -“Unsupported Cisco Device”.

    • Any device which falls under "Default" group category cannot be migrated to DNA Center.

    • Any devices managed only with SNMP V1 credentials in Prime Infrastructure cannot be migrated to DNAC. Whereas SNMP V2 and V3 can be migrated to DNA Center.

Step 9

Click Next.

Step 10

In the CMX Credentials window:

  1. You can view the list of associated CMX for selected groups with the following details:

    • Credential Status

    • Server IP

    • Device Name

    • Username

    • Password

    • SSH Username

    • SSH password

  2. You must update the SSH Username and SSH Password, if it is not available for the respective CMX.

    Once the CMX is migrated to DNA Center, it will not be managed by Prime Infrastructure.
  3. If associated CMX is not found, then click Next.

Step 11

In the Summary window:

  1. You can view the overall summary of selected location groups, devices, associated maps and cmx. before migrating to DNA Center

  2. You can also view the groups, devices, maps and cmx which is added, updated and deleted under each respective tabs.

  3. You can also view the status of last synced date and time.

Step 12

Click Submit, to migrate all the Location Groups, Devices, Maps and CMX from Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center.

Step 13

Click Force Sync to push data to DNA Center server after the first migration.


When you migrate to eWLC from the Prime Infrastructure-DNA Center co-existence tool, the eWLC support aided for DNA Center 1.2.8 and above moves the WLC to DNA Center and the devices to the collection failure sync state on Netconf feature failure. This is because the eWLC support expects you to enter a value for the Netconf Port field so as to be managed by DNA Center. You can manage the eWLC manually by entering a value for the Netconf Port field in DNA Center and then re-sync.


Excellent thanks for the info importing to DNA-C now!