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Cisco Employee

Unable to re-provision a sda device after deletion



I have a SDA fabric with 2 BRs and 2 Edges. In order to simulate SDA device provisioning flow for Customer,  decided to delete Edge 2 from fabric, then re-provision back to fabric following the DNAC User guide.

Lab Topo.png


To delete Edge 2, we 

1. Remove the node from the fabric as edge node

Remove from Fabric.png

2. Remove associated port assignment

3. Delete the device from Inventory, but did not select the option for configuration clean up

Edge Config clean up.png


We then attempt to re-discover the node, however, the discovery process unable to contact the node properly. There has been no change to the DNAC device credential and the same credential could be used to discover other nodes in the fabric

Device Discovery.png

Specifically, the Edge2's physical link IPs can be discovered,  (, but not the Loopback as fabric node router ID. 


At BR1, show cdp neigh also shows the edge 2 device is connected. 

BR1 Show CDP.png

Would like to know what been missing in order to re-provision the edge node back into the fabric? Tks.


Meheretab Mengistu
Rising star

Specifically, the Edge2's physical link IPs can be discovered,  (, but not the Loopback as fabric node router ID. 

It seems weird; I do not know why it is not able to re-discover. Did you make any change on the configuration? The IP address on the physical address ( and the loopback address ( are overlapping. Is that changed recently? 



Hi Meheretab,


Nothing changed on the config.....the Edge node was simply removed form DNAC GUI by 

1) remove device from fabric

2)delete device from inventory

as trying to simulate user work flow.


I logged onto the BR nodes (1&2), and found the interfaces config connected to the Edge2 are all erased, hence even ping failed. Just wondering is that normal expected behaviour?





Hi Kara,


Thank you for the additional information! I personally have done brown field deployment and I do not experience the issue you mentioned. Did you use LAN Automation? Or, did you configure Edge2 underlay manually?




Hi Meheratab,


Managed to track the original lab owner and the lab believed was setup using LAN Auto then. Somehow the BR's corresponding interface conf was removed when edge device was deleted. Needed to re-enter manually and re-discover to pull the edge device back in. Tks.



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