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Vanilla DNA Center upgrades?

We are in the process of building our SD Access Lab.  We have a 2nd Generation DNA Appliance (UCS C220 M5) that shipped with DNA Center 1.3.0x.  Following the initial interview to get the base configuration on it and then logging onto the Web GUI we were presented with updates to take it to along with various Application updates.  We let it complete these updates.

Following the updates the System 360 page then presented us with the option to upgrade to  We don't want to upgrade to version 2.x yet as we want to do some playing around with 1.3, however we aren't being presented with any of the 1.3x versions to update to?

I can reimage it if need be but I'd rather not as its not a quick operation.




Cisco Employee



You do not have to upgrade to version  You can simply ignore the Banner and "Do Not" click switch now.  Since you already upgraded to System Version there should have also been some Application Package updates where you can select or already selected "Download All" and "Update All".   Once these are done, you will be at Cisco DNA Center version which is the latest version of the 1.3.3.x Release Train.

So you are good and do not have to do anything else at the time.  If you later want to upgrade to 2.1.2.x, you would click the "Switch Now" on the Banner and then you would be presented with another System Update and Application Package Update tasks.

Versions and Documentation information can be found here:

I hope this helps


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Replying to my own posts....


I now realise that 'System' is actually DNA-Center so the only upgrade from here is to 2.x...





When comes out you will see the Release notes change and you will see a new "System Update" available with "Application Packages Updates".  You click those and still ignore the banner until you are ready to got to Version 2.x.x.x.


Upgrade Guide has the latest Upgrade Paths




Thanks for the reply Tomas.  I think the version numbering just confused me.

I think I may have clicked to download the by mistake though and this is now causing me some issues as there are application packages I want to install/use but can't (I think?).

If I go to Policy, Virtual Network I get 'Application Package Not Available'


If I go to Software Updates as shown I don't see any options to install the SD Access package and all I have the option to is update to System 1.5.255


Can I remove the System Update if I have downloaded it?