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What does Application Policy refer to under DNAC?

I was checking the DNAC Compatibility sheet here. There is a column titled with "Application Policy" which is not supported by C9200 switches. But if I check SD-Access compatibility matrix here, there is no mentioning about Application Policy at all...


So Application Policy doesnot have any use case in SDA? What if I need to configure policy on DNAC for QoS for SDA fabric?


Wondering what is this "Application Policy" referring to?

Cisco Employee

Re: What does Application Policy refer to under DNAC?

Cisco Employee

Re: What does Application Policy refer to under DNAC?

. Application policies comprise these basic parameters:

  • Application Sets—Set of applications with similar network traffic needs. Each application set is assigned a business relevance group (business relevant, default, or business irrelevant) that defines the priority of its traffic. QoS parameters in each of the three groups are defined based on Cisco Validated Design (CVD). You can modify some of these parameters to more closely align with your objectives.
  • Site Scope—Sites to which an application policy is applied. If you configure a wired policy, the policy is applied to all wired devices in the site scope. Likewise, if you configure a wireless policy for a selected service set identifier (SSID), the policy is applied to all of the wireless devices with the SSID defined in the scope. DNA Center takes all of these parameters and translates them into the proper device
  • command line interface (CLI) commands. When you deploy the policy, DNA Center configures these commands on the devices defined in the site scope.

You can Also refer the Document for further Policy configuration

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