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Wide Area Bonjour - SDG Agent as both Source and Query


Hi All.


I have Edge devices where users connected with cable and each edge has APs connected which has Bonjour devices connected to it. So my question how can I make SDG Agent to any service-filter both as source and query.



Were you able to find the answer to this? I too have this same setup and want bi-directional Bonjour between wired networks and the wireless clients landing on the WLC in local mode (we have a VLAN per building on the WLC).

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi P.lan


I can help you with this,  so you want bi-directional Bonjour between Wired and Wireless, lets start with some questions.
Do you have a DNA Center to act as Wide Area Controller?
Are your wired Bonjour endpoints connected to a Cat9k switch (or is the Cat9k switch their gateway?)
Is the WLC a C9800?
Are the wired switches using an SDA Fabric?

Please share your topology details as much as possible

amazing! Your help would be much, much appreciated.


Yes, DNA Center is setup as Wide Area Controller. All switches are in DNAC. All core/L3 switches have DNA Advantage, all IDFs have DNA Essentials (but I don't think we will need mdns-sd commands on those from what I can tell).


Wired Bonjour endpoints do have Cat9k's as their gateway at 15 locations. 5 locations have Nexus N9Ks as gateways, so I'm hoping that an out-of-band cat9k can snoop Bonjour potentially? I did see reference in a 2018 cisco live presentation that an "SDG switch" can sit on off to the side of the gateway and trunk into the wired Bonjour VLANs at those locations.


WLC is indeed a 9800-40 WLC with N9Ks as its gateway, but I have a cat9k switch in the datacenter (that can be dedicated to this purpose), that can trunk into those wireless client VLANs.


No SDA Fabric, everything is traditional multilayer wired and local mode wireless.

Attached is a rough diagram of most sites, not including the ones with Nexus as their wired gateways.


Thanks again!

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