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Cisco IOx 1.3 Release — Upgrading your tool belt, Master Ninja?

Cisco Employee


The official release of Cisco IOx 1.3 is now out and ready to upgrade your edge computing ninja tool belt.

Greater scale for your applications. In this release, you can now deploy your applications to up to 150,000 IOx connected devices using Fog Director and its APIs. Sign-up for DevNet and visit the DevNet Sandbox to start deploying and managing application your lifecycle on IOx with Fog Director.

IOx adds greater micro service support. In IOx 1.3 you can publish micro services which can be consumed by IOx applications through RESTful APIs.This adds greater versatility and functions as service capability, not unlike like AWS’s Lambda, to your Edge computing development stack. IOx also adds in GPS availability through IOx services to ease the development of location-based applications.

Additional platform support for Layer 2 traffic and VLAN to IOx app containers will supercharge your consumable services development by allowing developers to create Wi-fi hotspots on IOx fleet platforms (IR 8X9 routers) as well as media server applications. IOx 1.3 also allows app containers access to USB storage devices for additional data storage.

Those new features look mighty nice in your tool belt upgrade, Master Ninja ;-).


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