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Cisco IOx in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA 2017


If you are interested in developing against the latest Internet of Things technologies, please consider joining us in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA 2017 in Berlin from February 20-24, 2017.  We will have new content, workshops, and sessions for Cisco IOx that you should consider attending if you want to know more about applications at the network edge and get some hands-on experience with the new Fog Compute platform.

With the Cisco IOx session Building Applications with IOx you can learn about IOx and how to build a simple application.  The Deploying IOx Applications DevNet workshop is a great place to get hands-on access and instruction on how to deploy and manage IOx applications on network edge devices.  Also consider joining our sessions like Introduction to Cisco IoT Tools for Developers. It will show you how IOx fits into the larger picture and give you a broader overview of Cisco's portfolio of IoT products with an eye towards the newest tools to help developers connect, secure, and manage data streams from devices to applications.  Beyond session content, we are still hard at work updating our developer documentation, creating additional source code examples, and useful learning content for release at Cisco Live.

So visit the World of Solutions to see the many interesting use cases for Cisco IOx but come to the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA and attend a session or a workbench to learn how to actually use IOx!  If you can't make it to Germany, please consider trying our new Cisco IOx Learning Track that will be introduced in Berlin or reserve an IOx Sandbox at to build your skills at using IOx and Fog Director for free, 24 hours a day, from wherever you are in the world.

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