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External Alarms on the IR809

Release Notes for Cisco IOS Release 15.6(1)T for the Cisco IR800 Industrial Integrated Services Routers - Cisco

The release notes for the IR809 explain external alarms.

I am seeing these notifications even though nothing is connected to the external alarms port. I do not know why I am seeing these notifications.

*Mar 30 12:57:50.179: %IR800_ALARM_CONTACT-0-EXTERNAL_ALARM_CONTACT_CLEAR: External alarm cleared

*Mar 30 12:58:47.223: %IR800_ALARM_CONTACT-0-EXTERNAL_ALARM_CONTACT_ASSERT: External alarm asserted, Severity: Minor

*Mar 30 12:59:23.223: %IR800_ALARM_CONTACT-0-EXTERNAL_ALARM_CONTACT_CLEAR: External alarm cleared

*Mar 30 12:59:47.269: %IR800_ALARM_CONTACT-0-EXTERNAL_ALARM_CONTACT_ASSERT: External alarm asserted, Severity: Minor

This is the version I am running:

sh ver

Cisco IOS Software, ir800 Software (ir800-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(1)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Cisco Employee

This space is for dealing with IOX related question. But your question is about IR809's IOS. Please open TAC case to get more help by that.

Jun <>


Thank you for following up. The link above provides details about how to open a TAC case. Note: "For all customers, partners, resellers, and distributors who hold valid Cisco service contracts,"

As a developer on your platform, as distinct from a member of the network support or operations team, it could well be hard for me to find out what the service contract details for my company are. You will find that many other ISVs seeking to develop on your platform are in a similar position. Some, for example, may have loaned equipment and/or be new to Cisco and its working practices.

Given these circumstances, perhaps you might want to reconsider your approach to my question and possibly seek out the necessary information yourself and pass it on here?



Nathan John Sowatskey

Consulting Engineer - IoT, Programmable Infrastructure, DevOps and SDN <> <>

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Hi Nathan,


I see that you never got an answer to your question. This is for others googling a solution to this problem.


My experience to this is that the internal electrical system on this alarm input is different from router to router. Some of them trigger the alarm, then "un"-trigger it a few seconds later, even if nothing is connected to the alarm reference and alarm input pins.

To remove this problem, and remove thousands of log entries, I short-circuit the ALM_REF and ALM_IN pins (connect a cable directly between them on the power plug) and configure the router with "alarm contact 1 trigger Open". That way the alarm will be triggered if the connection between the reference and input is open, which the short-circuit will prevent. So now I do not get the alarm every few seconds anymore.


I hope this helps someone.




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