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IR8x9 power outage


we are testing the latest firmware/GOS combination that was provided to us regarding lxc container installation:

Firmware: ir800-universalk9-bundle.SSA.156-2.0.49.GB

GOS: ir800-ioxvm-

Everything seems fine with our container software, but we are experiencing weird issues with the file system after a power outage.

After a hard reboot (powering off and on) of the router, the container appears as deployed but not activated, and the system does not recover.

See below the errors while trying to actívate:

moreno@moreno-VirtualBox:~/IR829$ ./ioxclient app list

Currently using profile :  IR829

Command Name: application-list

List of installed apps :

1. sc         --->   DEPLOYED

moreno@moreno-VirtualBox:~/IR829$ ./ioxclient app console sc

Currently using profile :  IR829

Command Name: application-console

Error. Server returned 500


"description": "Cannot console while in DEPLOYED state. Allowed operations are ['undeploy', 'upgrade', 'download_data', 'activate']",

"errorcode": -1019,

"message": "Error getting application console information"


moreno@moreno-VirtualBox:~/IR829$ ./ioxclient app activate sc payload device_mapping.json

Currently using profile :  IR829

Command Name: application-activate

Could not complete your command :  Error. Server returned 500


"description": "Error in mounting app ext2 image: Error cleaning up disk(/software/caf/work/repo/sc/extract_archive/app.ext2): /software/caf/work/repo/sc/extract_archive/app.ext2 is mounted.\ne2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting.\n\n\n",

"errorcode": -1030,

"message": "Error while changing app state"


So I cannot actívate the container (it should activate automatically). The only way of recovering of this situation is uninstalling, rebooting the router and installing it again, but this is not an alternative for us in a production system.

I attach the caf.log file, as it seems after the reboot the ext2 file system cannot be mounted.

What can we do in this situation? May it be related to our software and we can address it somehow, or is directly an issue with power-cycling the router and the file system?

Thanks in advance for any help,



Hi Marcos,

I have hard booted my devices dozens of times haven't seen this issue before, but lets dig in.

First, try verifying your images on the device with with:

# verify /md5 flash:ir800-universalk9-bundle.SSA.156-2.0.49.GB {MD5_HASH_HERE}

# verify /md5 flash:ir800-ioxvm- {MD5_HASH_HERE}

Against the MD5s provided on the download page for the images or from whom you got the image.  If you got your images from, you can highlight over the images on the download page for the details and the MD5 checksum.  Here is an example for the Fog Node image:

# verify /md5 flash:ir800-ioxvm- b0185c31e33dec17fc46e966836bf636

Additionally, when you say uninstall, did you mean uninstalling the GOS image?  As in the following:

# guest-os 1 image uninstall

And then trying to reinstall the GOS image with:

# guest-os 1 image install flash:ir800-ioxvm- verify

# guest-os 1 start

Check these images are valid to get started.


Hi Mike,

thank you for your answer.

I verified the images and the fog node one md5 hash is fine. The other I cannot verify as my source was a cisco technician in the India  CVD team, but it has been running fine for a while.

When I mean uninstall, I just mean uninstall and reinstall the container itself with the iox tool, not the GOS. The GOS seems to be working, but the logs are showing errors mounting the ext2 filesystem of the container. Therefore, I must uninstall and reinstall the container (our app) in order to be able of working again.

Best regards,


Hi Marcos,

You may want to return to the technician from which you have received the core image from and verify the issue with them.  There might be a compatibility or defect in that version of the image.  Again, I have yet to see the behavior you have reported on the official images from


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