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Microsoft Azure IoT Edge on IR8x9 IOX

Hi All,


Throwing this out there with very little understanding around what I am doing, sorry! Hoping someone can tell me if I'm wasting time or come up with a great idea.


I have a use case to run Microsoft Azure IoT Edge at remote sites to provide some of the Azure services (e.g. Azure Custom Vision), and would like to run it on the Cisco IR829 (or maybe IR809) at each site. We then use the Azure IoT Edge framework to only send the processed data back to the IoT Hub.


The challenge though, is that I can't get this to work. There's simple methods for running IoT Edge on a Linux OS (such as Ubuntu or Raspbian). The IoT Edge then runs its services in containers via moby-engine ( The containers are centrally managed from Azure IoT Hub.

The IR800's however don't support the 'vm' type IOX application type (!platform-support-matrix/platform-support-matrix).


This means that I am out of ideas! I don't really want to have to install another computer (such as a ruggedised server/pc) at the remote sites to run Azure IoT Edge.

Can anyone work out or suggest an alternative method? Could Azure IoT Edge be packaged to run as a container on IOX? I don't have enough experience in this space unfortunately.


Thank you all!

Cisco Employee

Do you have to use IR829 for hosting this azure iot edge? How about other edge compute platform like Cisco IC3000 which does support vm type app?


With 829 you can't have azure iot edge stack running in a container. This stack needs lot more privileges to run.



I was planning on an IR as it gives us all the functionality we need at the edge in a single device; LTE WAN, LAN, WLAN, Security etc. just the Azure IoT Edge which is missing. It would be a nice cost effective solution, adding an IC as well makes it more complicated (and $).

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