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Cisco Kinetic EFM License Explanation and Issues


The purpose of this article is to sort out and clarify how licenses are effectively working in Cisco Kinetic Edge & Fog Processing Module (EFM). It does not address ordering licenses, prices, or anything related to the Cisco Kinetic Cloud (GMM and DCM). 


Type of License


  1. There is fundamentally only one license in Cisco EFM, but it can activate two separate features:
    the EFM broker (the logic engine that runs the data flow amongst other things), and
  2.  the visualizations (DGLux5).

Initial license: during the EFM installation process, the installer package will automatically create a license for the EFM broker. This means that a new license will never need to be generated again unless the graphical data flow editor is being used.


Since there is only one license, if you ever want to start using the data visualisation, you'll be offered an option to request a trial version. If your instance has internet access it is granted immediately using an on-line activation process. However now the entire license will now be 180-days. After 180-days your license will expire and you won't have a broker, you won't have a data flow editor, and you won't have visualizations. 


Workaround 1: Use separate users for EFM broker and visualization

During the installation, install only the broker as one user, and the visualization as another user. This way you have separate licenses per user, and expiration of one will not affect others. This is described in:

Workaround 2: Reinstall EFM.

This very effective approach will wipe all of your installation, including tokens, data flow, etc... unless you backup them manually. Since the WebUI is not working this is quite a long process that is not recommended if all you want is a new working license. However if you do re-install make sure you separate EFM broker and visualization components on two users as see before.

Workaround 3: Regenerate License

Remove the user's ~/.dglogik directory, and perform an in-place upgrade of EFM. You will essentially reinstall the same version of EFM, but the installer will generate a new EFM broker license. You'll get access to the data flow editor, and none of your data will be lost.


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