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Cisco Kinetic v2 APIs documentation


Kinecit API Docs (US):

Kinecit API Docs (EU):


Steps to try out the APIs directly from the current documentation:

  1. Use the v2 API “POST /v2/users/access_token” under the Users section to generate a token using your Cisco Kinetic email/password as input or you can use a valid API key that is generated from Cisco Kinetic.
  2. Copy the token that is generated in the response (or if using API key, copy the API key).
  3. For any API that you want to try, expand the API and click on the “Red” button on the right side of the API section.
  4. In the popup, in the value field, type “Token” followed by a space and paste the access token copied in step 2.
  5. You can now try out any of the listed APIs. You will need to provide the required input parameters/values for the APIs, as necessary.
  6. Please note that if you reload your browser, the above 5 steps will need to be repeated again.


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