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Kinetic GMM and DCM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is the portal URL for Cisco Kinetic Gateway Management and Data Control Management module?

US - Cisco Kinetic

EU - Cisco Kinetic


2. How can I sign up?

Click on "Support" on the Top Right corner of the site. Send in your request and we will add you.




3. Where is the Help documentation for Gateway Management and Data Control Management module?

The “Help” link is on the Top Right corner of the Portal above. You need DevNet account to access Help docs.


4. Can any IR8x9 be managed from Cisco Kinetic GW Management Portal?

No. It has to be “Provisioned” correctly with right image / cert / call home config. Currently we support IR809 and IR829.


5. How do I provision an IR8x9 to be cloud managed?


6. How do I Claim a Gateway to Cloud Manage it?


7. How can I create a Gateway Configuration template before I claim it?


8. How do I check the health of the Gateway?

Gateway Health and App Management Health


9. Where is the Sample IOX Application?


10. How can I install the Sample IOX application?


11. Where does the Sample IOX App read sensor data from?

The app  will read sensor values from a Raspberry Pi + Sensehat attached to your gateway and send that data to the cloud. The app also provides the ability to use rule sets that filter, throttle, and transform the data before it is sent to the cloud.

Note: The Raspberry Pi should have a SenseHat module running the SenseHat app.


12. Where is the code(SenseHat app) to run on Raspberry Pi?


13. What is the Protocol used to publish data from IOX Application to the portal?

MQTT over TLS.


14. Can any application randomly publish data into the portal?

No. You need a User Name, Password, MQTT Topic and Broker URL provided by the portal.


15. How do you see the values coming from the sensors?

Via AMQP Sample Code or Freeboard.


16. If you have to build a new IOX App what do you leverage?

Use the Java SDK from here -

And IOX App Development related info here -!develop-iox-apps


17. What features does the Java SDK provide?

Rule Engine and Batching (Compression coming soon. Watch this repo)


18. How do we find the Kinetic APIs documentation?



Kinecit API v2 Docs (US):

Kinecit API v2 Docs (EU):


19. Where do we download the GPT tool?

Please go to

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