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Cisco Kinetic IOT Solution



I am trying to understand Cisco Kinetic IOT platform through an example of Energy Saving Project. 

Example Requirement.
Consider we want to implement the Energy Saving Solution across the Centers/Buildings. The lights will be switched ONN if anybody steps in the Cubicle/Cabin and will be switched OFF when no human presence is detected in the Cubicle/Cabin.

If we consider Cisco Kinetic IOT platform to implement the above, we have to consider which modules of Cisco Kinetic IOT solution will reside where in the entire solution. The following diagram depicts the Cisco components for the above solution. 



We can discuss the implementation in terms of steps as well, like.
1. IOX apps on Gateway takes the data from the sensors
2. As the requirement is to take action at the edge devices itself, EFM comes into picture. Depending on the human presence in the Cubicle/Cabin, the Lights are put OFF/ONN at the EFM end by the respective switches.
3. For reporting purpose, the data can be sent forward to Cisco IOT.

I want your views to elaborate more or correct my understanding. Like,
where does DCM sits in the implementation?,
how would I implement the dashboards for my customized requirements i.e. can I write java app at the Data Center/Edge end? Etc.

Cisco Employee

Kinetic GMM provides the gateway management for your IR8x9 gateways, and Kinetic DCM provides app management and data delivery controlling. And Kinetic EFM is an on-premise module which supports edge/fog computing at local gateways.
Specifically for the project,
-DCM: app management for your IOx apps and EFM IOx app, and control your data delivery from EFM to data destination through DCM.
-Dashboard: you may use EFM Dashboard for your local data visualization, and you may implement your dashboard for visualization based the data from EFM, DCM, or other data destinations. BTW, the DCM DSLink for EFM will be released soon. With that, you may simply send data to DCM or other data destination from EFM.

Hi Steve,


Thanks for your reply but it would be really helpful if you please put your views on the architecture diagram which is attached with my previous post.

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